Monday, March 31, 2008

A busy weekend

Well it was a busy weekend for the Cornish house, but what else is new? Actually, it was a very busy Saturday, followed by a restful Sunday where we actually even played hookie from church so we could relax a bit.

The Texas Longhorn football team wraps up their spring practices every year by having the annual Orange and White game, an inter squad scrimmage that is open to the public, free, and combined with a kids carnival and concert. The whole event makes up what they call The Spring Jamboree. What it really does is give the new freshman players a chance to see a simulated game atmosphere in the actual stadium, complete with thousands of fans, the Longhorn Band and spirit groups. It also gives fans like me a chance to catch a glimpse of some new guys, and give us some artillery for our armchair quarterbacking. But mostly, its 1 day of football in the midst of a very long, sometimes painful off season. It will be 151 more days until we will see these guys suit up for the season opener against Florida Atlantic.

There are rules to these types of engagements. See, if the Longhorn football team is suiting up for a game at DKR Memorial Stadium, then that means we MUST gather outside the stadium with friends for good food and good drinks! So dutifully we gathered for grilled Italian sausages, meatball subs and our favorite beverages, along with the camaraderie of fellow fans and friends. We even had a couple of our Arizona residents make the trek.

Now, we might have felt a bit overzealous for gathering to celebrate this occasion if the scrimmage was the only event of the day. However, we decided that breaking from our tradition of gathering before the game for our tailgate party in favor of gathering after the scrimmage would allow us also catch the UT baseball game against Nebraska.

So the perfect plan was drawn up. We headed downtown on Saturday morning, truck loaded down with all the various accouterments needed for as successful tailgate party, ready for our day. Now, I still don't know if I made this decision out of supreme faith, courage or stupidity, but nonetheless, it was a deliberate decision. See, I decided to let Brenda head off on Saturday morning for a well-deserved and long needed hair appointment. So for the first time, it was just me to load up all the gear, finish the prep cooking duties, double-check the diaper bag and set off for the stadium without Brenda's help. Also, I would be solo for the scrimmage, and for most of the tailgate party time until Brenda was able to meet up with us before the baseball game.

Sure, I have spent many days, just Grace and I. We have even spent many of those days out and about on the town. What made this such a difficult task was that I knew going into this that there would be no midday nap for Grace, and she would be up well past her bedtime. Oh, and she is on her second round of anti-biotics for a double ear infection. The potential for a meltdown of enormous proportions was very, very real. And Gram and Granddad were off in Colorado for a wedding, so there wasn't even a safety net!

But if you are expecting a post here about my miserable failure, you will be disappointed. See, Grace was a trooper. She could be characterized as mostly angelic, with only a few minor mishaps and a propensity for removing her shoes at inopportune times. For the baseball game, we sat down the left field line, where Grace scored her first foul ball (thanks to Mr. Jim!). She did suffer a busted lip after a close encounter with the concrete wall seperating us from the field.

It was a rough weekend to be a Horns fan. The scrimmage was fun, but did not offer much to be excited about for next season. The baseball team lost a pretty forgetable game on Saturday, 2-0, which followed a loss to Nebraska on Friday night, 14-4 (where Nebraska scored all 14 points after being down 4-0 early). The Horns also bowed out from the NCAA tournament after a convincing loss to Memphis on Sunday. Although, to be fair, an Elite 8 finish is nothing to apologize for. However, it was a great day to be a part of the TEXAZ Cactus Caucus. It was a chance to see some friends we won't likely see for several more months. It was a chance to get our horns up and sing the "Eyes of Texas". It was also a chance to cheer on the burnt orange and white, which we do win or lose. Brenda and I saw a t-shirt months ago that I thought summed it up nicely. "We may not win all the games, but we have never lost a tailgate party!"

Hey, there are a couple of new albums available on our public photo album. There is one from Easter and another from Saturday. See the link on the right to get to the album.

Monday, March 24, 2008

Happy Easter

Happy Easter!
We will post more pics soon. We hope that everyone had a wonderful Easter weekend, surrounded by family and friends and taking time to reflect on the goodness of God and His provision.

Monday, March 10, 2008

Family is all about sharing

If there is one thing that we have learned over the last 3 years, it is that family is all about sharing. We have shared lots of joy, we have shared burdens from time to time, we have shared playtime and we have shared work. Well, now we share a cold. Hey, you have to take the good with the bad, right?

So a little more than a week ago, just before I was to take a trip to Houston for work, I noticed a slight tickle in the back of my throat. "Great" I thought. Just in time to take a business trip, I was getting sick. Last Sunday, the day before my trip, by miracle, I felt much better! Woohoo! Then, on Tuesday, while I was gone, Brenda tells me she seemed to pick up a sore throat, but she didn't know from where. I sheepishly admitted to having a sore throat over the weekend, but told her that it passed so quickly. Well, it didn't. Brenda missed a day of work with absolutely no voice whatsoever. She returned to work the next day, still with no voice.

All along, Grace has had a little bit of a runny nose. It wasn't anything bad mind you, just a little clear drainage. By Friday, she had a double ear infection that was literally pouring out of her nose and eyes. And like the precious little jewel that she is, she generously shared her cold with Gram!

So, if you have a beautiful bride that is just getting over a cold and a little angel miserable with achy ears and a running nose, what do you think you should do? Well, sure!! You go to Gramma's house in Tyler, right? Maybe not our greatest plan. Grace was already not feeling well, and we completely upended her normal routine. She stayed up way past her bedtime, ate at irregular times and was thrown into an unfamiliar environment. Throw in Gramma, Grampa and Mema, who she doesn't see often.

By Saturday, Grace was coming around a bit. She was still out of her element, but her contagious (literally) personality was beginning to come back around. She seemed to get her joy back at least a bit. We took Mema to run some errands and had lunch at Mercado's. The whole time, Grace was her giddy little self. She danced and bounced and talked to Mema, calling her by name several times. Mema was definitely thrilled!

We played outside a bit, took a couple of turns on the swing, but we did avoid the direct contact with Punky and Sissy. Grace still hasn't gotten completely accustomed to Gramma yet. Despite a very good try with her favorite book "Elmo's Busy Day", Grace wasn't going to warm up quite that easily. She did however climb up on Grampa for a hug and kiss before bed on Saturday night.

We are home again and it appears that the antibiotics are doing their job. We took some good pictures while we were there. There is an album available with some cute pictures of Grace in the swing and running around in the front yard. There are also some pictures of Gramma reading Elmo to Grace.

Oh, and since we are family that shares... guess who has the cold now! Yeah, I got it back. Thanks for sharing.

Sunday, March 2, 2008

C'mon Mom, it's just PB and J!

When Mommy makes Grace a sandwich, she takes lots of time to cut the sandwich in small, manageable pieces for Grace. Mommy also has a thing for clean fingers, clean hair and hopefully clean ears. There is certainly nothing wrong with this approach. I applaud her enthusiasm for Grace's manners. However, sometimes... well, come on... really. It is just peanut butter and jelly.
At this point, I should probably take a moment to thank the sponsors of this particular blog entry, Peter Pan Peanut Butter and Gramma's Strawberry Preserves. Gramma's Strawberry Preserves and Peach Butter is only available at a small pantry in Tyler, TX. She doesn't advertise, she doesn't sell her products online, heck, she doesn't even sell her products period... But those in the know, know where to go to get their jelly fix. Since I am down to my last jar of Strawberry Preserves, and I am completely out of Peach Butter, it must be about time for another journey to East Texas. Since Gramma doesn't sell her jelly, and she doesn't exactly let go of it easily, I will no doubt bring a load of "big city grocery store" products that she can't find in Tyler. Brookshire's has a near monopoly on the Tyler grocery market, so if they don't have what she needs, she usually has to beg one of her city kids to make a supply run.
What? Have you never quietly contemplated the sheer joy of peanut butter and jelly? That ooie, gooie goodness? I am sure that peanut butter will soon appear as the latest trend in spas across the country. I can see the ads now, Peanut Butter Facial, the "new" secret to younger looking skin! It may not be a bad idea, after all, when was the last time you saw a toddler with wrinkled skin or frown lines?

You see, when Daddy made Grace's sandwich today after church, I gave her a little nibble and then just dropped the sandwich on her tray. "Go at it kid." Mommy was horrified and made sure I was aware that I would be on clean-up duty today. I don't mind clean-up duty, she was fun to watch. I am sure Mommy enjoyed taking the pictures too.
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