Saturday, June 18, 2011

Family Summer Vacation to San Antonio

Like 99% of Americans, the family dollar isn't stretching as far  as we would like.  And with 2 toddlers, the name of the game is lots of bang, lots of options for a quick change of plans and as little money as possible.  We are very blessed to be centrally located in Texas.  Last summer we camped near Houston, so we could take advantage of the zoo and children's museum all while camping in our travel trailer at a nearby park.  This year, we stayed even closer, opting for San Antonio.  This year, SeaWorld San Antonio opened Bay of Play, a Sesame Street themed play area and splash pad, perfect for toddlers like ours.  A great big playscape of tunnels, tubes, slides and cargo nets for Grace, and a large collection of sprinklers, gushers, sprayers and waterfalls for Hailey.  Toss in a handful of toddler-size rides and coasters and shows and it was more than enough to fill the calendar for 2 solid days. 

When we take our travel trailer on the road, it usually means we are headed to a campground or state park.  I generally prefer to be on a lake or a river.  But for the trip, we decided on a place a tad bit more upscale than our usual places.  Located very near SeaWorld, we found Blazing Star RV Resort.  The sites are quite a bit closer together than traditional campgrounds, but what they lack in site space, they more than make up for with amenities.  They have a great pool, very clean bathhouses and a shuttle to SeaWorld.  We didn't end up using the shuttle because we still would have had to mess with the car seats, and their drop-off and pick-up times were a bit limited for a family with toddlers.  I can't imagine much worse than needing to leave NOW and having to wait for hours for the shuttle to come back. 

For our last full day in San Antonio, we hit the zoo and Brackenridge Park Train.  The zoo was just okay in my opinion.  To tell you the truth, we have been spoiled rotten when it comes to zoos.  Several years ago, Brenda and I went to the San Diego Zoo (when Grace was 6 months old).  Ever since then, every zoo just seems like a sad circus has come to town in comparison.  It was hot and most of the exhibits required the girls to be above the fence-line, which pretty much made the stroller we brought useless.  I just remember this zoo being a lot better when we were here many years ago with my parents.  The girls did enjoy the train ride though. 

Best of all, we got to share our time in San Antonio with the Waters family.  We love to camp with the Waters clan since the kids play well together, we like to cook and eat the same types of stuff, and even the worst days can be useful for a good laugh. 

We are truly blessed to have so much around us to see and do.  And to have family and friends to share with just doubles the blessing.  We did upload an album of some of our favorite sites from the trip.  Check them out below or see more in our photo album.