Sunday, November 30, 2008


Yes, yes, yes... I know! It has been way too long since I updated our blog. A lot has happened in the month of November since I last posted Halloween pictures. We went to Wichita Falls to celebrate Josh's birthday, we have had a couple of football games (and tailgate parties) and we just wrapped up Thanksgiving.

We had a fantastic Thanksgiving. In my humble opinion, the world has been reset on its proper axis. See, back in the 90's, the cheaters from Texas A&M University got caught commiting various NCAA violations and as such, could not appear on TV for a number of years. Since the aggies could not appear on tv, the annual rivalry game between Texas and Texas A&M was replaced on Thanksgiving game. Up until this year, the game has been played on the Friday following Thanksgiving. For many families around the state, this was probably a welcomed change. For me, it created a void that could not be replaced with another NFL or college football game. It would not surprise me in the least if returning this game to its rightful place on Thanksgiving night reverses global warming, or leads to the cure of cancer.

Ever since Brenda and I started dating, I have enjoyed a family rivalry with my aggie brother-in-law. In this short period of time, I am currently ahead 3-2. This year, Bryan and his oldest son, Clancy (a faithful Longhorn fan) came to the game with Brenda and I. Since Bryan and Brenda were both going to be at the game with me, and since going to the game also meant going to the tailgate party, Tom and Cheryl figured that if they wanted to have Thanksgiving with their kiddos, then they better come downtown too!

Our tailgate crew joined up with our neighboring party for a united Thanksgiving feast. When we compared notes, we figured that we would collectively serve approximately 50 people, that grew to 60 and by the time it was said and done on Thursday, we easily fed 80-90 people. We had a great time. We were determined to not allow our tailgate party prevent us from having a traditional Thanksgiving dinner. We were equally determined to not allow Thanksgiving to stand in the way of our tailgate party. The result was lots of family and friends gathered together, potluck style. There was no shortage of food, in fact, we had more leftovers than we knew what to do with. There was smoked turkey, fried turkey, roasted turkey, honey baked ham and smoked brisket. We had stuffing, macaroni and cheese, creamed spinach, mashed potatoes and cranberry sauce. There was pumpkin pie, pecan pie, chocolate ice box pie and cheesecake. There was spiced cider, champagne, wine and sweet tea. We even had the traditional NFL games on satellite tv! We didn't show the morning parade, but that was only because it took too long to set up the tv when we got there.

To top it off, as Bryan, Clancy, Brenda and I got ready to walk over to the game, Tom and Cheryl loaded up our dirty dishes and tired little girl and brought them all home. By the time we got home after celebrating a Texas victory, the dishes were cleaned and Grace had been bathed and put to bed. Brenda and I are thrilled that we have Tom and Cheryl to put at up towards the top of our "Blessings" list.

Check out our photo album link to see some pics from Thanksgiving and from our trip to Wichita Falls. I hope that your weekend was a wonderful and restful as ours.

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Trick or Treat

Grace wore her Texas cheerleader outfit for Halloween this year. Brenda and I looked all over for an Abby Cadabby costume in her size, but we didn't have any luck. That's okay, she loves to wear her cheerleader outfit. Trick or Treat was kind of a tough concept. See Grace never has had much in the way of candy, so there wasn't a tremendous appeal to the buckets of chocolaty, fruity, chewy, sugary goodness that people tried to tempt her with.
For her, it was just a walk down the street. If we got her to say anything at all, it was usually a soft "trick or treat" while she looked at her shoes and swung her pumpkin bucket around. We went around to our neighbors and made sure she got the experience, then it was back to our house. We had Gram and Granddad over, they brought pizza for us to eat and they manned the candy at our house while we walked around with Grace.
Once we got back home, we all just sat out in folding chairs at a card table to hand out candy and look at all the costumes and wave to neighbors. Halloween was a little different this year since it was on a Friday night. I would have expected a larger than normal turnout, but as it happened, most of our neighbors were either in Lubbock getting ready for the Tech game or they were at the Round Rock High School football game. Either way, our street was pretty quiet. Last year there were neighbors out everywhere and tons of cars parked along the street. Seems our neighborhood attracts more than just our neighborhood kiddos for candy.
We had a great time though, ate too many snickers, gummy lifesavers, starbursts and 3 musketeers, but hey, that's what it is all about right? So did anyone else notice the unusually high number of "un-costumed" grown up trick or treaters? What is up with that?? I am not talking about the too cool for school teenagers, I am talking about the parents of litte ones that were trick or treating right along with the kids! I felt a little silly having to tell grown adults to only pick one and leave some for everyone else... geez. Oh well.
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