Sunday, October 26, 2008

We Miss Maggie

Today is a rough day at our house. Some of you know that Maggie had been battling illness for the last several months. Convinced the root cause of her various symptoms was inoperable cancer, we have worked hard to keep Maggie comfortable and pain-free. She was scheduled to visit the vet tomorrow to have some of the fluid in her chest drained in what we figured would be our last option to help her continue a happy life. Instead, she died this morning. Brenda was cleaning the breakfast dishes, I was upstairs getting Grace and I dressed so that we could clean up the trailer after another tailgate weekend. When we came downstairs, Maggie had just collapsed on the kitchen floor near Brenda and she was gone.

We are thankful that we were all here. Normally, we would have been at church this morning. Oddly enough, we had decided that we needed a morning to sleep in and cook breakfast and relax as a family. We didn't have any illusion that Maggie was going to get much better, but we were definitely not ready to let her go today. Truthfully, I don't think we ever would have reached that point. Maggie was our first "baby girl", an original member of our young family. She delighted in cuddling with Brenda on the couch, especially with "their" green blanket. If she wasn't nestled in with Brenda, its a safe bet that she was curled up on my shoulder. Over the last few months she had even grown to find use for Grace, realizing that under Grace's high chair was great place to catch a treat or two.
Until recently, when she was too sick, she used to love to wrestle around on the floor. She was fiesty with Brenda and I, and would playfully bite at our hands as we rough-housed with her. And she didn't really mind too much when I would finally get her wrapped up and "pug-tied". Our little black pug dearly loved us and we loved her. It makes us sad to realize that Grace will likely grow up and not have memory of Maggie. We won't be able to replace her "pug loving" and nibbles. We will miss her velvety soft ears and her ticklish little paws.

We are a dog family and one day I am certain that there will be another little 4 legged kiddo in our family. We will probably wait until Baby Cornish and Grace are old enough to help us take care of a pet. But our family will never be the same without Maggie. She will always have her place in our hearts, right next to Tawney and Charlie, Bear and Cash. Pets have a wonderful way of being completely and totally irreplaceable.

We miss you Maggie.

Thursday, October 23, 2008

It's pumpkin time!

This week, Gram and Granddad took Grace to the pumpkin patch. She had a great time and Gram sent these pictures on to us. Grace is a big fan of pumpkins. She points them out when we drive through neighborhoods and she has to go kiss the pumpkins next door when we get home.
This morning, on our way to Gram's house, she made sure to tell me that she was going to kiss Gracie's pumpkin when we got to Gram's house. I think this one is just adorable. This poor little pumpkin gets dragged around everywhere at Gram's. We may need to go through some counseling when it is time to get rid of it. Check out the album on the right to see a few more pictures.
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