Sunday, September 18, 2011

Whoa, amnesty post needed

Goodness gracious!  It has been forever since I updated this blog.  What a fun and busy summer this turned out to be.  Let me recount some of the highlights since my last posting... let's see, 4th of July in Tyler with a family fireworks display and blueberries; a second trip to Sea World (my girls are still talking about it); Grace started kindergarten; Grace turned 5; we became a "diaper free" home, and Hailey got her ears pierced. 

Grace loves school.  After her first day, I asked her what her favorite part of the day was, she told me it was running in the gym (during the YMCA's after-school program).  The conversation went something like this:

Daddy:  So you liked running in the gym, huh?

Grace: Yep.  I can run fast.

Daddy:  You are faster than all the boys, right?
Grace: Yes.
Daddy:  Good.  I want you to always be faster than those silly boys.  I don't want them catching you.
Grace:  Yea, I am faster.  They are easy to catch...

That conversation didn't quite go the way I had hoped it.  I am going to have to think a little quicker to stay in front of this one.

And Hailey, this girl... good grief.  She is 2 going on 22.  Shortly after turning 2, she just decided she was through with diapers.  No pull-ups at night, no swim diapers, nothing.  She just decided she wanted to wear big girl panties and that was the end of that.  Then, she told me one night that she wanted rings "here", holding her earlobes.  Brenda had always wanted to pierce the girls ears when they were really little.  Her thinking was that it would get the pain out of the way when they were too young to remember, and it would be easier for mommy to take care of them.  Logical, no doubt, but I figured putting holes in their ears was something they should have some decision in.

She was a very big girl.  We told it would hurt, but just for a minute, like getting a shot.  She was undeterred.  Grace, she wanted nothing to do with it.  Grace says she will wait until she is 16 or 18 or 100.  But Hailey loves the sparkles in her ears.  She has also done very well with taking care of them so far.

So that's the world here in Round Rock.  It has been a dry, hot summer here.  With wildfires all around us this summer, we feel extremely blessed, and though the drought continues, we are thankful for cooler weather coming.  Maybe I will be able to blog a bit more frequently, if not, well... Merry Christmas!