Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Grace Sleeps over at Gram and Granddad's House

As we are getting ready for Hailey's arrival, we decided it was a good idea to "test" out a sleepover at Gram's, since Grace will be spending the night there while Mommy and Hailey are in the hospital. Gram sent us this update last night and I thought it was sweet enough to share.

Dear Mommy & Daddy,

I've had a good day but I have been coughing and been a little moody.

Buuuuuttt . . . Grandad took me out in the garage. He put me up on his work stool and taught me about the . . .

. . . .. . tape measure

. . . the sanding block. . and

. . . . the finger joint jig.

That was really fun!!!

I didn’t want to eat stuffed peppers tonight so I ate my carrots. Then Gram got 4 of my little spoonfuls of stuffed peppers in me by promising bites of applesauce! I LOVE applesauce! :)

After supper I got to go to HEB with Grandad! Woohoo!!! I was so good in the store and helped bring things into the house so Grandad said I deserved a little treat . . . .


Oh yeah!! I enjoyed them.

I went to bed at 8:45 just fine but Gram could tell I was a little nervous so she checked on my every 15 minutes. I stayed in bed but stared at the fish tank.

Finally . . . Gram came in at 9:45 and I was sound asleep!!!

Love you, Gracie

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Getting ready for Hailey

We keep a dry erase calendar on our fridge door. Its a place where we keep track of upcoming trips, events and such. Brenda updated the calendar yesterday and we realized just how close we are to welcoming Hailey into our lives.

First we had to get Grace into her big girl bed, so we could use the crib mattress for Hailey. We borrowed Missy and Richard's crib and put that in Hailey's room. Brenda picked out the new bedding for Hailey's room (ladybugs) and we put Gramma on the mission of finding the perfect accessories.

Brenda also put the pack-n-play up in the family room and moved around Grace's toybox and toys to make more room. It will be time to get the infant carrier and bases out of the garage and get those cleaned up soon.

Today we are going to tour the new Women's Center at the hospital. It is the same hospital where Grace was born, but they have added a whole new wing with the maternity center including lots of new labor and delivery and recovery rooms. I can only hope that they have improved those awful couches!

We still need to add a few more pieces to make Hailey's room complete, but it won't be long! I will have some pictures soon of Grace and Hailey's new rooms.