Tuesday, September 30, 2008

This girl takes her Texas football seriously!

Lots of people have asked us if we take Grace to the football games. And the answer is OF COURSE! Usually when the question comes up they kind of marvel at the thought keeping such a young toddler's attention for an entire football game. We are usually in our seats when the band marches on the field and it takes an act of God to get us out of the stadium before the "Eyes of Texas" at the end (we did leave at halftime of last year's KSU game because it was POURING rain). Here are a few pictures from the Rice game last weekend.

She loves to look for Hook'em, and she loves the band. She doesn't even get scared when Smoky (the cannon) fires after Texas scores. At the FAU game to start the season she did fall asleep for about 20 minutes on Mommy, but at the Rice game, she was content to curl up next to Daddy, but there would be no closing of the eyes (that how you miss stuff!).

In the last pic, this is her version of getting her "horns up". She can't quite get the hang of extending the pointer and pinky at the same time, but I am sure she will have it down in no time.

Thanks to her Aunt Becky, she reads "Hello Hook'em" every night at bedtime. She has learned to spell out "Hook'em" and "TEXAS", and she knows that we all sing "Texas Fight". She is a lot of fun to take to the games, well worth the shoulder ride to and from the stadium. Although next season, we may have to opt for hiring our buddy who works as a pedi-cab downtown on game days!

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Monday, September 15, 2008

Grace has a secret!

We took some cute pictures of Grace that we thought we would share.

Brenda had her doctor's appointment today, and we are excited to share the news! Brenda is pregnant! The nurse said she is 8 weeks and 3 along making her due date April 24th. We have known for awhile but wanted to wait until her first visit before we shared our news. Please celebrate with us and pray for a happy and healthy pregnancy.

The irony of the shirt is that we haven't told Grace yet, although she has been talking about a baby brother or baby sister for months now.

It's kind of funny, we would ask her,
"would you like a baby brother or a baby sister?"
To which she always relied "Yes!".
So we would ask her, "Which one?"
"I hold baby brother, you hold baby sister!"

Brenda is feeling fine. She has had more nausea this time around, but no actual morning sickness, so we are counting our blessings. Its been hard to keep it a secret, Brenda has been very tired, so our busy weekends and Grace's birthday party were especially tough for her.

What are we hoping for? Its a toss up. Both of us would love to have a boy, so we can have one of each. But then again, we are already "equipped" for a girl. We really don't have any preferences and I think its too early for us to decide which we think it will be. Now if we can only convince Grace to be happy with one or the other I think we will be okay!

Friday, September 12, 2008

Yikes! So much for Ike...

So we waited all week, monitored the weather, and tracked the hurricane. Ike was ripping up Cuba and appeared to be on a beeline to Corpus Christi and then headed up 35 to Austin. So a couple of days ago, the powers that be in Austin put their heads together and cancelled the UT football game. We prepared for evacuees and stocked the shelves. And then Ike decided to check out Galveston and the sites and sounds of Houston. So rather than a category 1 hurricane with 60 mile per hour winds it looks like we will have about an inch of rain and some stiff breezes.

I am very thankful that we will miss the worst of the weather, and our prayers are with our family and friends in Houston. And hey, I got the yard mowed and put away everything in the backyard that wasn't tied down. That can't hurt, right? No stray projectiles here. But all in all... I would rather be tailgating with my friends and watching the horns beat up on the hogs!

Be safe Houston! The piggies from bubbaville will have to wait.

Saturday, September 6, 2008

Bigger and Better in 2008

Can I just tell you that I love college football??? There is something about the atmosphere, the sights and smells and of course, the tailgate party! We have grown our little endeavor from 2007 into a really fun, high class event for the 2008 season.

The Texas Facilities Commission did make things a lot easier for us this year by allowing us to reserve our tailgate spots for the entire season. That dramatically cuts down on the preparations required to get ready each home game. We secured a great spot with a huge oak tree, space for the travel trailer and plenty of space to set up our canopies, satellite, TVs and tables for food and beverages.

I added some pics on our photo gallery from our first game.