Monday, June 21, 2010

It’s Summertime!

I keep thinking that things will slow down as soon as the “next” season gets here, and so far, I have been wrong.  During the fall its about tailgating and football, then its the holidays, then its birthdays and anniversaries in the spring, then its summertime.  I imagine lazy days in and around the pool, weekend cookouts and camping trips.  Thankfully, we do find time to fit some of those things in, but it seems we are having to work harder and harder at squeezing in these little jewels into our busy, hectic schedules.

We have just returned from our vacation and as usual are exhausted and ready for a vacation from our vacation!  We packed up our travel trailer for 5 nights in Sam Houston National Forest on Lake Conroe (near Houston, for those unfamiliar with the area).  We swam in the lake and hiked and biked around the trails.  We also spent a day in Houston, taking the girls to the zoo and to the Children's Museum.  It was a great week with the family, even though it was pretty miserably hot outside.  Seems strange to say we went camping even though we never lit a campfire.  Heck, I didn’t even take the foldout chairs out of the trailer stowage compartment.  It was simply too hot to sit outside much.  After our camping trip it was a quick day and a half at home to clean up the trailer, do some laundry, have dinner with some friends and then we were back on the road.  This time we went to Abilene for a 1 year old birthday party.  It was a quick overnight trip but we got to spend some time with good company and wrap up our vacation week.

On Sunday, we drove back home in time to get the grocery shopping done, unpack and grab some dinner with Gram and Granddad, who had also spent a week of kid-free relaxation in Florida.  I never did get to float in the pool Sunday, which was definitely on my list of things to do for Father’s Day.  Oh well, plenty of time for that I suppose.  Tonight, we start swimming lessons with both girls, and then its going to be time for me to pack for another work related trip.  This next weekend, we are excited to welcome Dawn and Nathan back from Lithuania!  The grill will be fired up, smoking some tasty treats, the pool will be clean and ready and it will be great to spend a couple of days with them before they return home to Canada.

Like I said, we keep things pretty busy at our house.  I have updated the public photo album with some albums from our vacation week.  There are zoo pics, and museum pics and pics from Abilene.  There is a link on the right-hand navigation to our public photo albums.