Thursday, May 22, 2008

Darn cute pictures from Gram

From time to time Gram will email Brenda and I some pictures of Grace from her day. Today, Gram sent these pictures which definitely brightened up my day! I have posted all 6 pictures in an online album, which you can access from the links in the right hand frame.
Grace is serious about her sandbox!
I can even "hear" her giggle when I look at this picture and on days like today, a giggle is a precious gift!
Man, she looks so much like Brenda, its scary. Its a darn good thing that I happen to think that Brenda is absolutely gorgeous!
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Saturday, May 10, 2008

So, what does a camera do that is mistakenly left behind?

Evidently, if you leave a camera at the Wiseman house, it wanders around the house snapping photos of cute things, strange places and familar faces. No doubt our little Kodak digital camera was seeking out a friendly face to reunite it with its proper owners. So let's take a little stroll around the Wiseman house with our Z730 and see what our camera was up to while it was away from us.

This gentle fella is Tigger.

Meet Roo. She's harmless but opinionated. She will tell you all about it... whatever "it" is.
Um, not sure I want to know... Its either Tigger's bed, the eye of a hurricane or Bryan's belly button. Please let it be the hurricane.
Can you hear me now?

Check out the photo album for the rest of the pics from the Wiseman house.
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