Saturday, August 1, 2009

Family Photo Day!

So, have I mentioned in the last year or so that we love Portrait Innovations?

Hailey is 3 months old and Grace is coming up on her 3rd birthday, so it was time for another round of professional photos. The studio was very busy today, surprise, surprise but they did a great job getting great pictures from both Hailey and Grace. I have created an online photo album with some of the pictures we did not purchase. Click on the link in the right hand navigation area to access our public photo albums.

Now begins the task of frame selection!

It has been awhile since I posted on the blog, and we have been a busy family lately. Brenda is back to work full-time and we are settling into real life. Grace grows daily in her vibrancy and her joy of life. She is asserting her independence and sometimes that is even a good thing. Others... not so much. We are spending a lot of time in time-out these days. Last weekend Grace and I reached a bittersweet milestone. Grace and I attended our last Big Chef/Little Chef class at Young Chefs Academy. She loves cooking class and I am excited to see if she enjoys going to YCA Kindercooks Class all by herself. Hailey is growing into her personality as well. She giggles and grins and is starting to "talk" to us more. Also, like her sister, at the young age of 3 months old, Hailey has found the jumper as a fun place to spend mealtime.

We are weeks away from the fall. Coming up we have Granddad's birthday and Grace's birthday and then we dive head first into the fall and tailgating season! In the midst of the celebrations, we are going to try to sneak out of town for one last weekend camping trip down in Kerrville.

Enjoy checking out the pictures and feel free to tell me which ones are your favorites!