Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Father's Day and a Well Check

Hey guys, just a quick update. We had a fantastic Father's Day at our house. Bryan, Shannon and the boys and Gram and Granddad came over Sunday afternoon for some family time. Everyone had a good time swimming and eating. As always we ate very well, starting out with some yummy chilled shrimp and fresh fruit. We had meatball subs for dinner and ice cold watermelon and banana pudding for dessert. It was a great day and I am thankful to be such a blessed Daddy.

We also recently had Hailey's 2 month well check. I can hardly believe she is 2 months old already. Dr. Enders was very pleased with Hailey, she liked to see that she had put on good weight (she is over 11 pounds) and seems to be doing very well with her motor skills.

Brenda is back at work part-time now, she goes full time next week. It is going to be a bit of an adjustment for her, so your prayers are greatly appreciated. She enjoys her job and the people she works with, but we would love for her to be able to stay home with the girls. Maybe one day, but we have lots of obligations to take care of first.

I added lots of new pictures on our public photo album. Go take a look!!

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

No More Pencils, No More Books, No More Teachers Dirty Looks!!

And so it begins...

Brenda and I are blessed with lots of nieces and nephews. We love them all and do take lots of pride in their accomplishments. Last weekend we headed down to Houston to celebrate the Class of '09. Amber, Barbara and Cutter all graduated this year. They are our oldest nieces and nephews and it was a blast to celebrate with so many family and friends. We filled up Becky's pool with kiddos and filled up the adults with liquid refreshment from the margarita machine.

The stars aligned just right for this weekend and ALL of the siblings were together! That has actually started happening with a bit more regularity, but this time we also had all the spouses and kids together. If I counted correctly, that makes 23 right now! That just doesn't happen nearly enough. You know you are getting old when you stop talking about "getting the family together" and you start "organizing a family reunion". Something tells me that our family reunions wouldn't look like too much the ones I went to as a kid. My family is crazy and fun and hysterical and nutty. Brenda and I left the party with big smiles on our faces and the girls were asleep before we got the to end of the driveway! Okay, so it was after midnight and Grace hadn't had a nap all day, but as I mentioned, this is a fun family.

So what's next for this fabulous trio? Amber will be going to the Art Institute to study photography, Barbara is going to take college classes close to home in Louisiana before heading off to McNeese State and Cutter will be packing his bags for Northern Arizona University in the fall. So many people think of graduation as a completion milestone, and it does celebrate your hard work and academic achievement in high school. But really, its the beginning of a new chapter. It will be fun to see what they do, and who they become over the next several years. We could not be more proud of them. There are lots of pics in the gallery, so check it out. You can access our online gallery from the link in the right hand navigation.
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Thursday, June 4, 2009

Catch up with us!

Hello SUMMER!!! Summer is here, so that means pool time. Here are a few pics to show what is keeping our family busy this year. Grace has turned into a fish! She loves being in the pool and she loves how her float suit and noodle let her swim all by herself. Tonight, she even asked me to help her swim UNDER water!! Woohoo! She didn't quite make it, but she is getting there. I am definitely a proud papa when I am in the water with her.

Hailey is doing her job. She is eating, sleeping, crying and pooping. What more could we ask for? She sleeps through the night, and has practically since the night we brought her home. At 6 weeks old, she is starting to giggle and grin. Brenda seems to be the only one who can catch her in the act, but I am told it is pretty cute.

Grace is still loving her cooking classes. Last week we made campfire potatoes and indoor smores! Her confidence in the kitchen has grown by leaps and bounds over the last 5 months since our first class back in January. She is far more social with the adults at Young Chefs Academy, but is also doing really well in following instructions and participating in the class.

It doesn't look like we will be slowing down much over the summer. Up next, we are headed to Houston to celebrate high school graduation with 2 of my nieces and 1 nephew; Amber, Barbara and Cutter. It doesn't seem possible that these 3 are graduating already! Brenda has one more week home full time with the girls. Please pray for us and Gram as we prepare to transition back into full time work and daycare mode! We are also looking forward to celebrating the 4th of July in Tyler surrounded by family and blueberries. If we are lucky, we will also squeeze in another weekend camping trip! I added several new photo albums on our Picasa online album. You can access the gallery from the link in the navigation panel to the right.