Sunday, May 24, 2009

Its been a busy month!

How time flies when you are having fun, right?

Can you believe that Hailey is already 5 weeks old? Crazy! I have been back to work and back on the road and Brenda only has a few weeks left until she returns to her job.
Brenda has been making the most of her time off, and soaking up precious moments with both girls. Hailey is certainly a momma's girl for now. Brenda has also been working on potty training with Grace. We have hopes of putting Grace in some sort of Mother's Day Out program or pre-school program at least for a few hours each week, but most of them require potty training. It isn't going great, but we are making slow progress. Grace is still hesitant to give up the "baby" phase and fully embrace her big girl status.

Recently, we noticed that Grace has been biting her nails a lot. They were really starting to look pretty bad and we were about to resort to some of that smell, nasty stuff that you put on them so that kiddos won't like the taste. This gave Brenda a fantastic idea though. She asked Grace if she wanted colors on her fingernails. This got Grace really excited, and Brenda let her pick out any color from her collection. Grace really wanted purple, which we didn't have, so she settled for blue. Brenda dutifully painted her nails and promised Grace that if she could keep her fingers out of her mouth for 1 week, then they could go the store and pick out purple fingernail polish. Well tomorrow will be a week and while the blue is nearly all chipped off her nails, it looks like that has more to do with the daily wear and tear of a toddler than it does with her biting her nails.

Its also been awhile since Grace had her haircut. We have been letting it grow out for over a year now. Recently, we had a friend that opened her own salon and since Gram had an appointment, it seemed like a great chance to get Grace's hair trimmed up. She did much better than her last 2 visits and seemed to enjoy her morning with the girls.

I just love this picture. Grace may look like Brenda (thankfully), but there is no doubt that this little girl has tons of my personality. I hope I still think its cute when she is older.
Gram and her Round Rock girls.

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Hailey's first trip to Tyler

While I was off from work, we decided it was our best chance to get a quick trip to Tyler in. We got to introduce Hailey to Grampa and Mema. We tried to see Granny as well, but we didn't make it. We will plan to spend some time with Granny Jean and Derwood on our next trip, probably over the 4th of July. We tried to surprise Mema by basically sneaking into town. Usually, I would call her several days in advance so that we can make plans to meet for lunch. Sadly, I think that will be the last time we try to surprise her. I think we have discovered that Mema enjoys looking forward to our visit as much as she enjoys the visit itself. We think that she also tries to rest up and really put her best self forward when we are together. Also, we would normally take her out for lunch but now with 2 car seats filling the backseat, it would take a caravan just to get us to a restaurant. Instead, Mom called her and told her to invite her out to her house for lunch. Mema was suffering from a case of sniffles brought on from her c-pap machine. She actually started off telling Mom that she wasn't really up for it until she found out that we were there with Hailey.
One thing we did different this trip was to bring a travel trailer that we have borrowed in the past for camping and tailgate parties. I was concerned that having Brenda and I and both girls in the same bedroom was a recipe for no sleep. This fear turned out to be only partially substantiated. Somehow, beyond our wildest dreams, Hailey has slept through the night since we got home. I think there have only been 1 or 2 nights where she has woken in the middle of the night for a feeding. I think all of us did sleep better though with our own space. On our last couple of Tyler visits, Grace woke up very early (like 5am early) and would be hard if not impossible to get back down. In the trailer, she was much easier get down, and she slept later.
This was also the first time that Grace has been really excited about going to see Gramma and Grampa. Since Gramma left the week prior, Grace has been asking when we were going to Gramma's house. We decided that we would head to Tyler on Sunday, after church. So on Saturday, we decided that we would go pick up the trailer from storage so that we could pack up and make sure everything was clean and road ready. Brenda and I loaded up the girls and went to the storage lot and Grace immediately lit up. She LOVES being in the trailer. I guess she thinks of it as her own playhouse. The only downside was that she was ticked off that we weren't leaving straight from the storage lot to go to Gramma's house. To think, we wanted to go home, check out the trailer, pack up, eat dinner, go to sleep, go to church, go to lunch and THEN go.
The visit was great except that it rained everyday we were there. Grace was feeling bit couped up on Tuesday so we decided that after our naps, we would go do some shopping and find someplace with an indoor play scape for dinner. We were a bit surprised at how hard it was to find such a place in Tyler. Then we found a chick-fil-a on Broadway and headed in. It was good news and bad news... first, it was Tuesday, so all kids eat free (Yeah!), bad news... we weren't the only ones who was looking for an indoor playground. The place was packed. Grace is still pretty shy, especially around older kiddos. Its kind of intimidating when you aren't used to so many kids, especially bigger kids who are yelling and swinging from the rafters. Luckily, we avoided catastrophe with a quick visit to the local Braum's for some ice cream. Grace was so pleased to have her own ice cream cone, even though she only at half the ice cream and didn't touch the cone. Don't worry, Daddy sacrificed and ate the rest! There is an album of more pictures loaded on our Picasa public album. You can access it from the link in the right navigation bar.
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